Chisel supports writing modern JavaScript with ES6+

You will write your JavaScript in the src/sripts folder which is organized in the following manner:

  • app.js - entry point file, everything required/imported in this file will be bundled together by webpack
  • modules - store your functionality to separate files in this folder and require/import them in the entry point file
  • modules/greeting.js - a sample JS module, delete or replace this one with your functionality

Chisel supports multiple entry points so you can create other files in the scripts directory next to app.js and they will be bundled separately. You can also use dynamic imports to load a fragment of code only when you need it.

Files optimization

JavaScript bundles created when running npm run build are minified and file names are revisioned. That means that a content hash is append to the filename so it looks like this app.7ea16125.js. This way you can set up content caching in the far future.

Code formatting and linting

Check out Code Quality.